Monday, 19 November 2012

Good People Doing Amazingly Good Things

Gee I love where I live. Here’s some of what’s been going on recently and more about events happening soon..

Neighbours looking after each other. Our Neighbourhood Watch group promotes this every day. You can help too. Click here to find out more

Last weekend the Moordij Keila group and Lifestreams Church celebrated the opening of their new meeting place in Karawara.

There’s been a fair bit of sweat, a lot of humour and  people making new friends at the Community Garden.!/groups/McDougallPark

Just yesterday the Mosaic Group and the Craft people held a stunning Open Day. There were happy potters, whimsical painters, detailed lacemakers, skilled bookbinders and much more. Here’s one of the works:

Forthcoming Events:

Canning Bridge Structure Plan Community Workshop:  The latest on what’s happening and an opportunity to be part of the conversation about our City’s future.

The next community workshop for the Canning Bridge Structure Plan will focus on a series of options for the Structure Plan. Conference Room, City of Melville Civic Centre, 10 Almondbury Road, Booragoon, 6-9pm, Thursday 22 November, Contact: City of Melville 1300 635 845 or City of South Perth 9474 0777

Manning Community Hub: Residents deserve to have some of the wealth of South Perth directed to this end of town also. We've worked hard for years to renew the tired old Manning Hub. Hundreds of residents, all the shop owners and nearby businesses have been involved in the progress of this plan. In response to lots of consultation the plans have been improved several times. The centre will have new sports exercise facilities and change rooms, clean meeting spaces, fresh shops, a library,  parking and a Town Square for community events. The visual impact will be gentle. Very many residents, some Councillors and several community groups have brought this exciting centre to the stage where it's about to happen. It's so much better to be part of the group, not shouting from over the road. Come and join us while we make this place better for our today and our children’s tomorrow.

Public meeting Monday, 26 November at the Manning Community Hall. Please come along to make sure this goes ahead before Council amalgamation puts a stop to it.

Centre plans to be seen here

Thank you everybody who’s done something for others this week.

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cesira said...

Very nice posting Pete! Great work to you too!!

Christine Moro said...

I love your blog and I love your energy, enthusiasm and commitment to our community. You are like a shot in the arm for me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter. I enjoy reading your blog. Regarding the Manning Hub, I worry that a few residents are going to delay the project or have it reduced in size when the overwhelming majority want it as proposed. It has taken years to get the project to this stage and it has always been very strongly supported by local residents and businesses at consultation meetings. Now at the last minute a few residents are objecting and complaining that they weren't consulted. It is very annoying. I hope they don't ruin it for everyone else. Regards, Graeme.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I also enjoy your blog. Regards the Manning Hub you are spot on. We are a near city area with increasing density, we need a facility such as the experts have designed. It's for everyone and would greatly enhance lifestyle and property valuations. At present Manning is in decline due to lack of such a hub. Let's hope no one spoils it for the majority. Chris.