Monday, 28 January 2013

Australia Day 2013

The best Australia Day ever! Lots of people said so. Two hundred volunteers, a big crowd, from all over the planet, a trusting, positive, friendly atmosphere, absolutely no rubbish at all, smiles everywhere and a fabulous fireworks finale. I really like the way that it has become better every year, partly due to the power of volunteers. Thank you to everyone who was there. You make a difference!
The pictures tell the story. For a whole album of 118 photos you can find it on Facebook (just click and scroll) or click here for a web gallery (zoom for bigger display). Feel free to 'Tag' yourself and your friends and click on Share or Like. There are quite a lot of other photos that I didn't upload, available free to your group.
For me Australia Day in South Perth was inspirational. My volunteering task was great fun. I walked the entire shore length many times, welcoming residents and visitors, handing out event guides. That’s been my role every year. I love a chat and look forward to it.
I hope you had a fabulous day too. How was it? How are we ever going to improve on this? Comments?


Indiran Rajadurai said...

Onya Pete. Happy Aust Day to you too.

Adrian MacDonald said...

I think that the Australia Day celebration activities in South Perth this year were brilliant - especially the activities for the children throughout the day. Congratulations to the organisers and especially to the friendly volunteers. However, why does so much of our city have to go into "lock-down" from 8.00 am onwards? The real crowds don't start arriving in significant numbers until mid-afternoon. My neighbour was issued with an outrageously large fine simply for having his car parked on the crossover, outside his own house, at 11.00 am. And heaven help any resident living within the restricted zone who ventured abroad, in their car, and didn't have anything with them to prove that they lived beyond the barriers - they risked not being allowed back home. You feel like a prisoner in your own neighbourhood.

Alex Jones said...

Glad to hear that there was no rubbish. For too long we have allowed littering at these events on the basis that someone will clean up. At music festivals too.
Does Sth. Perth still have a no plastic turf policy for verges etc.?

Best wishes,Pete!

John McBain said...

I didn't go down to the foreshore yet agree with the feeling this was better than ever.
Living on Canning Highway near Hensman Street with a pub up the road, Australia Day has been something to dread : drunken yobbos waving oversize flags, swearing, fighting and vandalising.
For the last few years the grog restrictions (I am a drinker) have had effect : less anti-social behaviour.
This year was amazing : lots of families and no yobbo-ish behaviour.
I expect there was probably less rubbish on the foreshore too?
Makes you feel proud to be an Aussie!

Jeff said...

Such happy, bright pictures!