Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Community Grants

Like some money for your favourite project? Here are two fresh opportunities to get some.

The Keep Australia Beautiful Beverage Container Recycling Grants  for local communities wishing to improve beverage container recycling at for one/off public events or occasions. The focus is on:

  • recycling away from home
  • practical projects that leave a legacy
  • projects that don’t duplicate existing recycling activities
  • projects that result in measurable volumes of recycled materials

Last year they awarded grants for cleaning up shorelines, community education, Council projects and more. Grants are for up to $10,000. The total available is over $400,000.


The RAC Grass Roots Grants provides up to $2,000 to not-for-profit community groups to support initiatives that will have a positive impact and strengthen local communities. The RAC will support initiatives where there is an opportunity to raise awareness or educate the community on ways to deliver a better world of mobility. Applications close on 20 May, 5 August and 28 October 2013


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Mog Piasecka said...

Peter! That’s brilliant. Thanks. I didn’t know about the RAC Grass Roots Grants. Will check them out and recycle to our contacts.