Thursday, 10 October 2013

Mill Point Directions

Where is Mill Point going? Do you have some thoughts to add? Here are some of my starting points. I’d welcome your additions to a public conversation. Click “Comments” below to publish your ideas.

1. Public transport: Our metro region has become choked with car traffic. I strongly support much greater use of well planned, safe and reliable public transport. This should include our arterial heavy rail system, light rail, or a rubber-tyred equivalent, feeder lines, local bus networks and cycle ways separated for safety from vehicle traffic. In the South Perth area I have suggested and actively promote a shuttle bus between Canning Bridge station and Perth Zoo. I have promoted additional work to move the bus interchange off Canning Bridge for better safety and connectedness with train services. With large expansion of Curtin Uni this will become more important. An extended ferry service to Barrack Street is also on my long-standing list of objectives.

2. Development of the Mill area of the peninsula: The Old Mill is one of very few remnants of WA’s early colonial history. The mill also links both colonial and indigenous histories through events in early days. Its maintenance is a vital link with the past. Such maintenance is expensive; a new front door recently cost seventy five thousand dollars. I support commitment to maintenance of the mill and its associated heritage displays. Heritage exhibitions could be enhanced with the recently refurbished old tram. I do not believe that the community would feel good about building a “theme park” in this area so I don’t support that idea.

Geography, both natural and constructed, of the Point area suggests that large scale public facilities here would cause unwelcome traffic congestion. Therefore my vision for the Mill Point is for low-impact development that respects the community wishes while giving some focus to our early history.

3. Use of Richardson Park: The park and associated facilities for cricket and hockey are much appreciated by the residents and visitors to South Perth. Even people who do not participate in these sports appreciate the existence of the park. Several years ago I developed and moved the Motion on Council that approved funding for the now-successful redevelopment of the clubhouse facilities. Commercial developments of the area between Richardson St and the freeway on-ramp, development of the Civic Triangle behind the Post Office and a possible train station will place pressure for developments on the park. These should be resisted and our open spaces protected. When these real estate developments proceed the park will be of ever-greater value to the community.

4. Development of the Mends St jetty area: I do support enhancement of Mends Street. I do support low-impact development of the jetty area but not beyond the scale and style of what currently exists. The photo at the top of this note illustrates the contrast between the commercial development of Perth’s CBD and the open space of South Perth. We need both styles of facility in our city; both enrich our community in different ways and both are essential. I support preservation of our open spaces and low-impact development of community facilities here.

5. Use of Mends St: Perth Zoo attracts six hundred thousand visitors a year. Six hundred thousand cycle trips are made along the South Perth foreshore each year, many or most passing the end of Mends Street. The street is the focus of a number of transport routes. Usage of this precinct will become more intense when the Civic Triangle development proceeds. The already-approved amendments to the Town Planning Scheme for the Judd-Richardson-Labouchere precinct will further add to the likely popularity of Mends Street. One of the roles of local councillors will be to help balance the commercial pressures with the need to ensure the amenity of local residents.

6. Telstra Phone Tower: Council will soon vote on approval for a phone tower on Coode Street in Sir James Mitchell Park. You can contact me to pick up a written petition against this or you can click here for a on-line petition. The Swan River foreshore is part of our City’s soul. A phone tower here would be a spike in its heart.

I do volunteer work for the community nearly every day of the year, not just at election time. Only 31% of people vote so your vote makes a difference. Please consider giving me your vote so I can do more for you, your friends and your family.

You are welcome to call or to knock on my door in Angelo Street at any time. You are also welcome to add comments below, or email me, so we can all benefit from your wisdom and vision. (Just log in as Name or Anonymous if you like.)

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The Bell Tower Times said...

I have spent a large chunk of my life in South Perth/Vic Park. For my money, I'd like to see more BBQ's and more regular evens on the foreshore. A weekly farmers/flee market would be great also. Perhaps in the park across the road from the Windsor hotel.