Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Local Government (and Australia Day 2014 Photos)

What do we want from Local Government, why we have it and what it could do? Surely it’s more than just size that matters? Have your say on the Department’s web site or click on Comments, below, or just email me and I’ll get your words submitted.

For more about the process and to make your submission Click Here. The Councils of South Perth and Victoria Park have made a joint submission, based mainly around opposing the Minister’s slicing off the Burswood Peninsular, removing the combined City’s biggest rate payers, gifting them to Perth CBD. Here are details of the Joint Response.

Australia Day 2014 on the South Perth riverbank was just wonderful. Happy volunteers, inspired performers and a cheery crowd made the day memorable. We really have changed the way we celebrate the day. I saw smiles all around and felt a buzz of positive conversation everywhere. Here are links to three of my photo albums from the day:

For those who missed last year, here’s the 2013 album

Please contribute your thoughts by clicking on Comments, below. Just log in as Name or Anonymous, or email me.

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Nicci and Simon Whitehouse said...

This current proposal by the Minister is amazing in many different aspects.

Firstly it is not taking into account any of the very strong and logical submissions from Council and concerned citizens. The boundaries that he describes are essentially the same as always and he does not appear to have listened at all to either arguments of logic, economics or 'similarity of citizen interests'.

Secondly it is amazing that he would propose dis-establishing the City of South Perth and having it swallowed up within the Town of Victoria Park - a 'baby' organization that is not even ten years old. I fail to see any rationale, and certainly no acknowledgement of history.

Thirdly, the whole Burswood peninsular 'solution' seems to me simply an acknowledgement of the financial needs of the City of Perth, and no acknowledgement of the needs of the citizens of South Perth or Victoria Park.

We strongly support the proposal of the City of South Perth and Town of Victoria Park for the amalgamation that they propose.

Nicole and Simon Whitehouse
Jubilee Street; South Perth
Tree Growers Extraordinaire

Bill Blake said...

We should all have learnt a lesson from the American Indian when he said "White man speak with forked tongue".
Unfortunately that so often applies at ALL levels of business and politics, many of us "residents" still have a bad taste in our mouths regarding the future of our own little patch of land which, regardless of our protests is being "planned" for against our wishes and I suggest best interests.

Guess when you look at it what the Minister is proposing (which means planning) is much the same just on a larger scale and he or she will no doubt be just as justified and therefore closed minded as we found many of those we dealt with to be.

After all the plan is the plan so it has to be right and we all should simply role over and accept it.

UdyRegan said...

I'm not going to get into the politics of things. Honestly, I'd be happy if we can keep all the animosity in storage and TRUST the people we've elected to make good decisions…