Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bollywood at the Cygnet

More new life at the Cygnet in Como! Bollywood movies on a Saturday or Sunday morning from early February.

In recent months Graham Kahn, the Manager, has installed a really good digital projector and funding was obtained for heritage restoration works. There is still a lot to be done to preserve this gem while the owners build offices and apartments next door.

Built in 1939, our beloved Cygnet is a beautiful example of Art Deco architecture. My friends, Don and Pam, tell me of romantic memories of younger days at our local cinema. In those times there was an outdoor show too. You can still see the projection window high on a rear wall.

Perth’s new Cultural Centre in Northbridge will be built around the Museum of the Indian Ocean, with links to Mumbai, Dubai, Jakarta, Mauritius and much more. Meanwhile, here in South Perth we are connecting with the Bollywood culture of India, a home to many of our students in WA. The energy behind these ideas is spreading and will go far to preserve the Cygnet, a link across generations and cultures.

We are working to preserve and safeguard this grand building, its ghosts, its dreams and its future. We’ll need a mix of support from governments, corporate and private sources. What other groups can call the Cygnet their home, can share their spirit here on stage and screen?

Watch this space for more details.

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Gran-ma-Sandie said...

Ta muchly Peter, I LOVE this cinema, I also LOVE Bollywood, even indulged in the recent show at the Regal Theatre.

Have a great 2014....I will

Matt Jelonek said...

Going to have to visit this cinema soon. I never knew it existed until they released in the news there was funding for a restoration.

Great for Perth and even better for South Perth. I hope this theatre will do what The Astor Theatre has done for Mt Lawley and the music scene.

Happy New Year Peter.
Matt Jelonek

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e: info@mattjelonek.com
w: http://MattJelonek.com

Vyonne said...

Good news. We'll feature some of the recent events at the Cygnet in our next edition of Waltzing Moderne... and, of course, if is featured in great detail in our forthcoming publication, Picture Palaces of the Golden West. Incidentally, the building opened in March, 1938 (not 1939).